Thursday, August 6, 2009

Trinumeral 9 Music & Arts Festival and Future Classic Festival

Hi Luves!
So excited to share some news with you!
We have just been invited to play at two end of the summer festivals!
Trinumeral Festival in Asheville, North Carolina and Future Classic Festival right here in Miami!
So here's the scoop on Trinumeral...
If you wanna come it's a 4 day fest from September 10-13th at the beautiful Deerfields Retreat and Music Park!

This is a sandcastle built during last year's fest. It's a beautiful camping situation in great September weather in NC! The trees are amazing and there is a big pond in the middle of the area...
We play on the 11th. Other South Florida artists are also gonna be there! Our friends Bhakti Baxter and Tao Rey design the official fest tee every year and PG13 of Junc Ops is playing as well as jam band The Heavy Pets. The headliner is Glitch Mob. One of their members had a really cool track that I like called "Certified Air Raid". Listen to it!

Then we fly back to Miami just in time for the Future Classic Festival at Soho Studios, Sept 12th!
The interesting thing about this first year fest is that the lineup is COMPLETELY comprised of LOCAL MIAMI ARTISTS. Like Awesome New Republic, Spam All Stars, Locos Por Juana, Volumen Cero, Suenalo, Mayday, Artofficial, Jorge Moreno, The Hongs, Soniko ,Elastic Bond, and DJs Danny Daze, Contra, Induce, Aramis, DJ Pauer , Ray Milian.
The only national act on the bill so far is N.E.R.D. which I found out also stands for New England Reptile Distributors!
After the cancellation of the big L, Langerado, it's interesting that a promoter has chosen to put on a new festival in the current financial climate. HOWEVER, all the acts are "local", i.e. "cheaper" than taking the risk of booking a ton of national acts and not making the $ back on ticket sales. There is a great lineup of local acts and it will be a true test of the local scene music fan. Are we willing to pay a (?) ticket price to see all our fave local bands at one show???
The ticket price is mysteriously not listed on The Future Classic myspace or facebook pg.

I'm not really super shure how much of a draw Mr. I-love-to-record-in-Miami Williams' band is. I have all the hope that come September, Miamians are gonna be ready to kick in the fall with a kickass show. It's up to us tho...I'm just sayin...

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