Friday, July 24, 2009

What's going on tonight, Friday July 24th? THE TONERS / RAFFA AND RAINER / MATTHEW DEAR aka AUDION

You should know! The Toners show is opening tonight for an encore run!!! It's important for Miamians to note, yes, the shows start on time. Andd! The free beverages start flowing an hour before curtain!
I have to go to the theater now for dress rehearsal at 3pm.
After the Toners show this evening at New Theater: I am going to go see Raffa and Rainer at Books and Books in the Gables.
Watch this for a warm up...

Tony told me he is going to the Dreaming in Stereo CD release party before at Kitchen 305.
Andddd then we gonna meet at the Pickle for Matthew Dear in his AKAness as AUDION! Check out this intro at Love Parade...

Before Audion, Tony is going to the Dreaming in Stereo CD release party before at Kitchen 305.
SAFE presents MATTHEW DEAR aka AUDION @ The Electric Pickle The Electric Pickle MATTHEW DEAR -

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For tickets to the Toners I recommend buying online, as it will sell out!

Love ew and hope to see you around tonight!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Daytime Jam Session

I called Tony while I was driving back from a wardrobe fitting (for a commercial I'm acting in tomorrow), and he told me that he was at Ben's house with Jesse Jackson. He said they were jamming and that Jesse was cooking! So I'm like, wurrrd, these are a few of my favorite things...
so I went over.
When I got to the house, there was a car parked in the street and crazy noise coming from inside the house. So I grabbed my tamborine and walked right into the session. Jesse was on the steel drum and Tony was on the guitar, which was tuned really funky cuz it was Jesse's.

Then Tony hooked his laptop up to Jesse's vintage '64 amp head. Holy crap.

So fun! It has two imputs so I was able to plug the guitar in as well...check out the tubes in the back of that baby!

Miami has the best clouds!

You know it's true! So I was driving down 836 eastbound and had to take these pics. Then I started daydreaming about "What if I were to crash right now?" And about how if I perished in the car accident, they would find the pics in my phone and know that I was taking pictures of clouds in my final moments.

The sunset photo was taken outside of the Miami World Cinema Center during rehearsals for "The Toners".

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dope Mexican rapper- Niña Dioz!

"Boom Bap" (Mood-Fu y Niña Dioz) from bandido on Vimeo.

We met Niña Dioz last week at LAMC and met her at Coney Island to hang out, pay 50 cents (not the rapper) to see the headless woman and other island freaks. I paid 25 cents to peep into the cage of the World's Largest Rat. I did it because my biggest fear are rats. But when I looked inside it ended up being a REALLY big guinea pig. And then I just felt really sorry for it cuz when I looked into its eyes, it reminded me of Suki.

What's going on tonight, Tuesday July 21st?

This evening we are going to be playing our weekly at Jazid! I'm calling Ben now to ask him who is playing with us tonight. If you don't know Ben, he is a local poet who has single-handedly* created a vibrant open-mic scene in Miami at a bunch of different spots. Now there is a place for you to spit your verbal diarrhea almost every night of the week! The cool thing that he curates at our weekly Tuesday at Jazid is B.Y.O.Beats. It's free and open for anyone to bring their laptop/hardware/cd's? and plug in to play for a ready-to-dance audience. Ben does have his crew of regulars that rock the upstairs weekly like's Joel the Hut, FTG, Obed, Line Noise, and Eden Grey.

Ok, so Ben called me back. I didn't realize how early I called, (12 noon). He does the open-mic at Churchills on Mondays. He says he doesn't have anyone lined up to play before us tonight. Oh well, we will be there by 11pm. And if you are interested in playin, hit us up!

Thanks to everyone for reading my first post! There is so much going on, this is going to be a great way to get it all in one place!

*Ben would likely say that without the kids who wanna get down it would not be possible.