Monday, September 21, 2009

Fool's Gold. Band? Label? Song? or Movie?

So this morning, I'm doing my email checkin' and I read up and listen to Fool's Gold "Surprise Hotel". So I'm like, "Wait...isn't Fool's Gold a record label?
Yeah, it is. I know cuz I'm a fan of A-trak, Kid Sister and Treasure Fingers who are all on Fool's Gold, the label.
When I was listenin' to Fool's Gold, the band, I was thinking, "This doesn't sound like it would be something that label would put out." And it didn't.
There is also a movie called Fool's Gold, w/Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey, that didn't get the best reviews.
But I really want to put you on to the band, Fool's Gold. Their sound is African-pop with Hebrew/English lyrics which is crazy. The music vibe reminds me of El Guincho's Alegranza Album
but El Guincho's sound is WAY dirtier. Also in comparison, El Guincho sounds like he used lots of samples and mashed em' up together as opposed to Fool's Gold, who sounds like a bunch of musicians playing together.

So without further ado, Fool's Gold, THE BAND!
Read their super great bio on Jambase.
And watch the vid for the song "Surprise Hotel" here! Their debut album drops next week on Sept 29th on IAMSOUND Records. Get involved! And then you can watch the Stone Roses' classic song "Fool's Gold"!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

What really happened at Future Classic Festival in Miami

After spending the day today relaxing at my mom's house with her new kitty Misha and my Suki, I think I am ready to expound on my feelings about the Future Classic Festival.
((Deep breath))
Ok. So we flew in from Trinumeral on Saturday to come home for FCF. I was really excited. We had just spent the last 15 hours in this beautiful festival in the woods of Asheville, NC. Which ruled right? Right. We met and saw THE COOLEST BAND, we've seen live this year since Late of the Pier at Coachella. They are Break Science.
More on that later...
So we barely slept, got in the van for the 2 hr bus ride to the Charlotte airport, got on the plane, arrived in Miami at 2:30 pm and drove around the terminal for 2 hrs. Literally. Between Tony getting the gear at baggage claim and then realizing that my case (with my keys and sampler) had not arrived, filing the lost claim, took THAT long. Then, after finally arriving home around 6, we started getting ready for FCF and trying to re-structure the set because of the missing equipment.
So we find out from people at the show that the schedule is about an hr and a half behind. Ok, cool, it's Miami right?
We were scheduled to go on at 9:20. ArtOfficial was scheduled before us, and they actually started their set at 10:20. No biggie! Then they finished and we were standing at the back of the stage with our gear setup ready to set it centerstage. When we were promptly made aware that there was a breakdancing competition. Also cool. Great. So, then we see the members of Awesome New Republic (who we LOVE) setting up on stage. Um, what?
Kinda confused here? Wait. What's happening?
So. We. got. bumped.
Or so we thought. Then they gave us some bullshit story about putting us on AFTER N.E.R.D.
We had faith. We believed. The host got on the mike and apologized about the bump and told the crowd that Afrobeta was going to play and to stick around.
Not true. Did not happen. But despite our exhaustion, we stuck around 4 hrs after our scheduled set time because we believed that what they had told us earlier was true.
That we would play AFTER N.E.R.D.
And that's what we told everyone who asked as we were ambling around the cavernous Soho Studios.
Later when I realized I had blabbed around a HUGE lie, I was embarrassed and distressed.

I really had high hopes for this local fest. And all in all, they had a great turnout. BECAUSE OF THE LOCAL BANDS. This is the part that is upsetting. Yes. Maybe some people did go there ONLY to see N.E.R.D. About 250. EVERYONE ELSE there was part of the local scene who did their part to support the musicians, artists, dancers and performers who comprised the lineup and PROMOTED the shit out of this show. And got handed the short end of the shit stick.

Ok. I feel better now!
So Break Science was freakin sick at Trinumeral AND they are super nice guys!
The weather was beautiful and WAY nicer than expecting your festival fans to rock a 10 hour day in a concrete-oven convention center...
Here's a clip from their performance at Rothbury this year. As the comments below say, the vid of them live does NOT do them justice. You must see for yourself. But since I want to end on a cheery note, here goes!