Monday, September 21, 2009

Fool's Gold. Band? Label? Song? or Movie?

So this morning, I'm doing my email checkin' and I read up and listen to Fool's Gold "Surprise Hotel". So I'm like, "Wait...isn't Fool's Gold a record label?
Yeah, it is. I know cuz I'm a fan of A-trak, Kid Sister and Treasure Fingers who are all on Fool's Gold, the label.
When I was listenin' to Fool's Gold, the band, I was thinking, "This doesn't sound like it would be something that label would put out." And it didn't.
There is also a movie called Fool's Gold, w/Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey, that didn't get the best reviews.
But I really want to put you on to the band, Fool's Gold. Their sound is African-pop with Hebrew/English lyrics which is crazy. The music vibe reminds me of El Guincho's Alegranza Album
but El Guincho's sound is WAY dirtier. Also in comparison, El Guincho sounds like he used lots of samples and mashed em' up together as opposed to Fool's Gold, who sounds like a bunch of musicians playing together.

So without further ado, Fool's Gold, THE BAND!
Read their super great bio on Jambase.
And watch the vid for the song "Surprise Hotel" here! Their debut album drops next week on Sept 29th on IAMSOUND Records. Get involved! And then you can watch the Stone Roses' classic song "Fool's Gold"!!!

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  1. Yeaaaa... my girlfriend turned me on to these cats a couple of weeks ago.. Reminds me kind of Foreign Born... a touch of what Vampire Weekend does w. the Kwassa Kwassa (Congolese Music)... also Kenyan and Nigerian influences...-AND they sing in Hebrew... Music is so global these days and I love it.. Thanks for posting! :)