Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Afro Glow

Nope it's not soul glo, it's afro glow. Well, at least that's what I like to call it.

Afrobeta closed art basel weekend on Sunday with an awesome performance (they always are) at the miami independent thinkers event. Christy had been to the warehouse during the week and came up with the idea of shooting inside a black light lit room while wearing one of her Krel wear pieces (that glow in the dark).

Therefore, we had an impromptu mini shoot. The room was tiny and we were all sweating - sauna style.

Enjoy :)

Kar Gar

ps. it's 3:00 am and I have a heavy case of insomnia.

oh and some of the wide shots get cut off bc of the blog format :( meh

and here are some non-glow performance shots I also took:
suki is a star <3

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  1. heck yes, these pictures are awesome!
    I have insomnia too!