Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bon Voyage! Afrobeta goes across the pond!

We've been busy preparing the set for the Bon Voyage show at Grand Central!
Very excited as we've got a couple of new synths on hand for the job.
Been rehearsing, workin on a lil' surprise cover and just can't wait to take the stage in Miami again! We haven't played here since Ultra on March 26 and 27th. So the show is June 5th and it feels LONG overdue!

Also it's gonna be our first chance to premiere the set that we may play at Glastonbury!
We are playing on the Glade stage on Friday.

U2 was headlining that day but Bono hurt his back rehearsing for the tour and cancelled. ;(
Apparently they had even written on new song that they were going to premiere at the show. The Gorillaz are now taking up that slot.
Not a bad recovery if you ask me. Saw them this year on Sunday night at Coachella and their visual show is siiiick.

We can't wait till Saturday!
See you soon!
cuci, tony, suki -n- murray

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  1. just ran across you guys online today while watching electromovimiento and i couldnt be happier that i did. if you do something with santo(i)gold i'll make sure the album sales are platinum...