Monday, September 27, 2010


We are psyched for the Halloween show! Does anyone know what they are going to be yet?
We been diggin' on Holy Ghost for a whiiillle now. Ever since their great single "Hold On".
So of course when Do IT was asking us if we wanted to do the show with them Djing as well as Depressed Buttons (dudes from the band The Faint), we were like "YEAH!"

Also we got some amaze peeps from our scene here and from NYC to play at the party as well.
Laura (of Miami) Nightdrive
Tomas of Aquabooty
DJ Hotpants
Will Renaurt
DJ Dennis Sebayan (NYC)
& special guest DJ Bill Kelly

We're also celebrating Charles Faibisch's & Jen Garcia's
Birthday Angry Panda style! Woot!

We are working on making a limited ed-ish tee based on the flyer art by Kent Hernandez!
There are even rumors of glow-in-the-dark ink...
The show is Saturday October 30th  and there are advance tix on sale for $15 here

 Here are some sick vids from our special outta guests. 

Live Depressed Buttons Dj set looks like a party!

Holy Ghost classic track 

Now we brainstormin' costumes ideas! What you got?

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