Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What's going on tonight, Tuesday July 21st?

This evening we are going to be playing our weekly at Jazid! I'm calling Ben now to ask him who is playing with us tonight. If you don't know Ben, he is a local poet who has single-handedly* created a vibrant open-mic scene in Miami at a bunch of different spots. Now there is a place for you to spit your verbal diarrhea almost every night of the week! The cool thing that he curates at our weekly Tuesday at Jazid is B.Y.O.Beats. It's free and open for anyone to bring their laptop/hardware/cd's? and plug in to play for a ready-to-dance audience. Ben does have his crew of regulars that rock the upstairs weekly like Hialeahbass.com's Joel the Hut, FTG, Obed, Line Noise, and Eden Grey.

Ok, so Ben called me back. I didn't realize how early I called, (12 noon). He does the open-mic at Churchills on Mondays. He says he doesn't have anyone lined up to play before us tonight. Oh well, we will be there by 11pm. And if you are interested in playin, hit us up!

Thanks to everyone for reading my first post! There is so much going on, this is going to be a great way to get it all in one place!

*Ben would likely say that without the kids who wanna get down it would not be possible.


  1. Super 'Xcited about the Afrobeta love blog! XXXO =)

  2. i can't believe you were up that early

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