Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ay Ya Yai!!! Afrobeta at Ultra! Miami

Been workin hard in the studio to get all our music ready for a release party on the 27th of February and now this! Amazing news to get all in a tizzy about!
Our show at Ultra has been announced with their release of the Phase 1 lineup, along with all the other really cool National and Intl. acts invited!
This is such an honor. It really feels like Miami repping for Miami. We feeling the love. And it's warm and fuzzy and cuddly. Like Suki under the covers during these cold Miami nights.
I'm so psyched! I can't wait to tell you more about the super duper release party on Feb. 27th too! But all the details aren't nailed down yet, so we'll be biting our nails till then!
ps: on a random note, I went to eat with Nabedi of The State Of tonight at Soyka and J-Lo was eating there too w. her babies and some girlfriends! cute!
Gotta say I have a soft spot in my pixel heart for "Waiting for Tonight".
Ha! Shout outs to Kentsoundz on that one....
Love ew!


  1. Cool, cool and double-cool!!! Exciting news, my little friend. Maybe you can get Diplo to do a "dancehall" Afrobeta rmx...

    Thank you for the shout outz!

  2. Darn I saw you that night so that means in some weird way I saw JLO too!!! Omg I'm never going to wash my eyes again!!!
    Can't wait for the release party! Good things!!!! You guys are on fire!!!