Wednesday, January 20, 2010

i have talented friends.

afrobeta has been in the studio for the past months working on what is going to be a killer album. i'm not saying this because they're my friends. honestly, this album is going to rock.

if you are a fan of their live shows and then go home humming tunes of their latest songs that you don't even know the words to, you will definitely love it when this cd is out and in your car on repeat. definite repeat.

i've been lucky to be able to watch their album develop and i guarantee it's going to be a fave of yours too.

i passed by their studio saturday night and had a blast. nothing better than watching your friends create history. it's moments like these i would love to freeze in time.

afrobeta 4
afrobeta 11
afrobeta 10
afrobeta 6
afrobeta 8
support the local arts,
kar gar

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