Monday, November 9, 2009

97th Anniversary at Tobacco Road!

So our next show is Saturday November 21st! Which is also my dad's bday, so maybe there will be a Papi sighting at the show???
It's not just any gig either, its the 97th Anniversary of Miami's oldest bar, Tobacco Road. Legend has it Al Capone hung out here during prohibition!
Simply put, this place has magic oozing from its walls. The Road kinda defies all kinds of conventions, it's divey but not small, it's cheap! (97 cent drinks?) but the food is rich, and most anyone can/and does play here but I've yet to see a terrible band there. Can't say the same for one of my other all-time Miami faves, Churchill's.*

In any case, we are playing the anniversary party this year! TB is tearing it with 2 nights of music, Friday the 20th and Sat. the 21st till 5 am. We play the second night...A big honor if you have ever been in past years, because they close out the parking lot and the party is JUMPIN'!
We play at 12:45 till 2 am.
Last year I was there for the Spam set at the same time and there were at least a thousand people!
What am I going to wear?

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