Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fun Times at Borscht!

Dale! Go get the projector in Hialeah then! These were words spoken at some point in the night at the premiere of the Borscht Film Festival.
The scene was 1500 people seated in the floor and mezzanine of the historical Gusman Theater. There we sat with drinks in hand and anticipation in our hearts to see a compilation of the best and brightest film and animation work by and of Miami.

Only problem was, the projector at the Gusman wasn't working. So after the scheduled musical performances by Sirens and Sealions and Animal Tropical, they needed more entertainment to keep people around while we waited for the projector to arrive from Hialeah.

Tony and I were sitting in the back row of the floor next to my sister, who did make-up on our music video short that was premiering at the fest.
Matty and Lucas came up to us and said, we're sorry to bother you, but would you guys mind playing?

So we borrowed a guitar from Sirens and Sealions and played 6 of our songs acoustic-style.

I remember going to the Gusman as a little girl on a school fieldtrip and as I grew up I always admired it as such a classy venue. And now I can say I played there.
It was kinda like losing your virginity though. You know you look forward to that moment and then afterward you think, "I wasn't supposed to be like this."

That's kinda how it felt. Bittersweet. There was a lot of chatter throughout the audience. People were understandably antsy about when and if the films would begin, making them not the best crowd to play for. But for all the chatters, there were people who genuinely enjoyed the show and said so and clapped. So thanks guys!

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