Friday, November 13, 2009

New Afrobeta vid premieres at Borscht Stories at the Gusman!

First off we must thank profusely Yara Travesio, Lucas Leyva, Antal Steinbach, Nabila Santa-Cristo, Priscilla Quesada, Karelle Levy and KRELwear, KarGar, Jeje!, the other Karla, Catherine and the set building boys, the vogue dancers, Tamargo, Kodak© and EVERYONE who put their blood and sweat into making this shoot a reality...
It was a concept that I would have never come up with, and truly, we are still in the midst of production for the album (which isn't the best time to shoot a video). But!
It was the time for the Borscht Film Festival so we did it!
Yara (director/choreographer) had the concept. Stemming from an candid interview with Anna Karina french new wave actress and incorporating Yara's eye for movement.

We can't wait to see how this is going to develop*!
:) We shot in B&W with film lovingly donated by Kodak!

Come see the reel* deal in its entirety at the premiere at the Gusman Theater 7pm on November 28th for the Borscht CCCV Stories!

*cheesy puns make me smile!


Ps: Below is the link for the interview with Anna Karina...Enjoy!

Pss: Oh! When I found the interview on YouTube I also found a fan vid for a Crystal Castles song mixed in with a scene with AK in "Vivre sa Vie". I can see that CC's Alice loves Anna Karina's signature bob and black-rimmed eyes!