Monday, November 30, 2009

New Kid on the Blog

Halo Afrobeta friends,

I recently photographed the lovely afrobetans and shortly developed a lovely friendship. I'm their adopted 24-year-old child and the rest is history :)

On the real, I love this band and I believe in it 150%. So I'll be contributing on this bloggity-blog and sharing some fun, random, sometimes insightful information. I'll also bring some sights for all to see.

I'm excited!

Hope you are too!

Kar Gar :)

1 comment:

  1. [off topic]

    I recently met you last night as well as your friends (art gallery/party champagne guy).
    Great job on your music its inspirational and I'm hoping to catch a show and you girls when the music happens. I thought Afrobeta was performing today Sunday after you handed me out a flyer, unfortunately not.

    Thanks very much for your kindness and hope to see you all soon.